17 September 2019 Council Report Page 102 An Analysis of Council's Resilience to Higher or Lower growth. (A fundamentally flawed report with assumption that Hamilton Housing is affordable (page 109), no scenario breaches the 230% revenue ratio (page 111) and any income shortfall is guaranteed through rates (page 113).

3 August 2019 Urban Economics Economic Evaluation of: Housing Construction Forecasts and Development Contribution Revenues for Hamilton City

13 Feburary 2019 Commercial & Industrial Consultants report to Productivity Commission on Local Government Funding & Financing.

$116m events loss, plus $60m asset sales loss. Forensic financial discovery needed to uncover the real loss truth.

12 November 2018 Urban Economics Historic House Price Growth Assumption NPS-UDC Model

HCC 2018 10-Year Plan revenue comparison between DRAFT average 16% rate increase and FINAL average 9.7%. Note Development contributions have gone up by approximately $27 million.

9 November 2018 National Policy Statement (NPS) on Residential Restrictive Covenants in Hamilton

23 October 2018 Urban Economics Overview of Peer Review of Housing Development Capacity 2017 Future Proof Area, Waikato District, Hamilton City and Waipa District

5 October 2018 Urban Economics Housing Development Capacity Assessment 2017 Future Proof Area

2015 HCC Housing Economic Report


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