22 October 2019

Mayor's Council Committee Structure

What was offered for Discussion

What was decided

Oct 25 2019

Hamilton City Council: Election reform needed. 

Citizens have been saying this for some time but no-one listens and representation is passed from one agency to another, thereby avoiding the question.

Sep 25 2019

Chief Executive’s performance reviewed. Rumour of $40,000 pay increase proposed?

What savings have been made and what KPI's have been achieved when some ratepayers were presented with $1,000 increase in their rates this year, average rates increases in 2028 of over $4,000 and debt of over $800 million.

Mar 4 2019

Undemocratic and uneconomic local government is in a bind

Jan 23 2019

Gary Gotlieb: We have to stand up to council bureaucrats because elected members do not

Dec 2018

Ward Boundary review 33 voted one ward, 8 two wards. How come we have 2 wards now. Another example of NOT listening

Oct 27 2018

Time for a rejig in City Hall

Oct 26 2018

Hamilton's electoral ward system is not fit for purpose, according to a group of unsuccessful candidates from the April city council by-election.

Aug 2 2018

Criticism into a process Hamilton City Council took over plans to expand a central city park 

Jul 27 2018

Council and management lines blurred in city park expansion process, Audit NZ report reveals

Mar 24 2017

Dear Minister, I am writing to you today, because it's time. It's time to recognise Hamilton is incapable of managing its own affairs.

Mar 13 2017

Former Hamilton mayor Margaret Evans calls for independent audit of council 'bombshell'.

A host of councillors took to social media over the weekend to express confusion over the state of the council's coffers.


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