Dr. Krishna Reddy

Dr. Krishna Reddy

Dr. Krishna Reddy

Economics expert in financial management, Krishna plans to control council debt.


My principal place of residence is Hamilton East.

I moved to Hamilton over a decade ago as it was a great city to raise my children. 

I now ask myself if my children would make the same decision? Average salaries in Hamilton are currently just over fifty-two thousand and average HCC rates are forecast to balloon to well over four thousand in the 10-year plan. If we do not make positive changes, just paying rates will become unaffordable. It is time to act.

Utilising my skills and experience gained in finance/governance/management and as a finance lecturer and head of department at Waikato University, I know we can make positive change.

I will demand comprehensive costs/benefit analyses for all major projects. I will bring back the voice to the ratepayers and residents, by bringing accountability and transparency back into decision-making processes.

I am affiliated to the Hamilton Residents and Ratepayers Association (HRRA), and believe in their values;


What’s your vision for Hamilton?

My vision for Hamilton City is of a productive, thriving, affordable, safe and happy place to live and raise a family. My vision includes democratically elected councillors that respect and value the hard earned rates invested into the city. My vision promotes a city that spends within its means and that manages growth without burdening future generations with crippling debt. It is a city that demonstrates value for ratepayers and residents through decision making that aligns with the voices of those very same people. 

What do you think is key for managing our city’s growth?

The robust management of the city’s purse underpins the potential of Hamilton, and its people. Council’s pre-election document states that the Hamilton city population will grow by around 11% between 2018 and 2028, yet expenditure and debt levels are forecast to rise at much higher proportions. Balancing the scales between prosperity or poverty requires city leadership that will fund this growth and its operations within the revenue it generates, whilst also ensuring that city assets generate appropriate returns.

What’s the one thing you’d do differently that would make Hamilton an even better place to live?

I will draw on my background and expertise in research, economics and finance to implement a well-researched plan that has been informed by Hamilton residents and ratepayers. It will include such things as sustainable rates, growth capacity and capability, as well as infrastructure needs. As a member of Team Integrity, I want positive change for Hamilton. To achieve this goal, sound democracy, decision transparency, personal accountability and integrity is a must.

What’s the biggest technology opportunity Hamilton is missing and how can we make it happen?

Technology is a potential enabler to improving operational efficiency and effectiveness, increasing growth capability as well as engaging and communicating at a governance, residential and operational level. These opportunities to provide better governance, accountability, transparency, integrity and citizen engagement, are able to be leveraged from the world class leaders and expertise available here in Hamilton.

How do you think we can get more people interested and engaged in Council?

People engage when they feel valued and listened to, when their voices are seen to inform the policies and guide the practices that underpin Hamilton city. HCC must be genuine with consultation, have personal engagement with the community for more reasons than the elections alone, and develop meaningful relationships in the community so that both the challenges and highlights of living in Hamilton can be acknowledged, and where needed, addressed quickly.

Social media: https://www.facebook.com/TeamIntegrityForHamilton/

Email: krishna.reddy@xtra.co.nz


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