Jun 11 2020

“New data shows the Prime Minister is pulling the wool over New Zealanders’ eyes when it comes to the economic impacts of Covid-19,” according to ACT Leader David Seymour. 

Jun 4 2020

Covid 19 coronavirus: More than 6000 businesses at risk of closing - report

Jun 4 2020

How Covid-19 took one man's health, business and 30 jobs in Hamilton

Oct 20 2019

World economy is sleepwalking into a new financial crisis, warns Mervyn King

Oct 3 2019

Dollar hits decade low after RBA cuts rate to 0.75pc to head off rising unemployment - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Oct 3 2019

Savers 'collateral damage' as analyst sees mortgage rates falling below 3pc - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Sep 30 2019

State sector pay rates 'have got completely out of control' _

Aug 8 2019

ANZ-New Zealand Economic-Insight

May 2 2019

Mortgage delinquencies mount as more borrowers find their home is worth less than their loan - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)


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