David McNab

IT and technology guru, David brings smart solutions to control costs and open up new opportunities.


My principal place of residence is Hamilton West.

In my 15 years in Hamilton I've seen our city sink deeper into debt, while rates skyrocket.

Have you had enough? Would you like better value for your hard-earned money? Would you like a simpler Council with streamlined and transparent processes? A city where small and medium businesses thrive? Would you like Hamilton to become a safer, more vibrant, and culturally rich place to live?

I will bring positive change to our great city. As an IT specialist and business researcher, I provide innovative solutions to organisations every day. These solutions are badly needed in our council. I will fix our council governance problems, applying my experience and training from past service on Massey University Council.

With your support I will provide a Council delivering true value for money, with real transparency, accountability and actual democracy.


What's your vision for Hamilton?

I see Hamilton becoming a major hub of social, cultural, technological and commercial influence throughout New Zealand and beyond.

But for Hamilton's growth to actually serve the community, we need to overcome our issues of poor govenance, lack of community engagement in decisions, high debt levels and excessive rates.

This can only happen if Hamilton learns to govern itself responsibly. Hamilton needs to balance the books, and embrace financial responsibility, governance best practice, and transparent and open democracy. Trained and experienced in public sector governance, I will dedicate my time to fix Hamilton's ongoing problems.

What do you think is key for managing our city's growth?

Making the growth work for us rather than against us. As a Team Integrity member, I will establish an affordable infrastructure growth model, encompassing housing, roading, 3 waters and community facilities.

Secondly, remove the barriers to quality private investment in Hamilton's development. We cannot continue with rate and debt increases constantly increasing beyond population growth, especially when thousands now are struggling to afford their rates.

Thirdly, business. Make it easier for small/medium businesses to set up shop, so they can provide the wealth of goods and services Hamilton's growing population needs and desires.

What's the one thing you'd do differently that would make Hamilton an even better place to live?

Fix the democracy, by demanding Council engage the community properly to determine the best affordable growth solutions. Heed the community's will. Put an end to Councillors getting just 2-4 days to read and vote on 1500 pages of papers without a chance to consult the people.

Bring in realistic and accountable processes in evaluating approvals, and improve communication with Council staff.

Send the message that Council answers to the people, not the other way around.

What's the biggest technology opportunity Hamilton is missing and how can we make it happen?

Utilise leading-edge software technology to deliver a super-app to facilitate greater enjoyment of this city and all that it offers.

Imagine an app on your smartphone which lets you discover new restaurants, find clubs and associations, look up live shows by type, genre, date and suburb, get navigated to the nearest available parking, order library books, find public transport, access other Council services. Also imagine these features available on city-wide touchscreens.

Also, support the proliferation of cost-effective co-working spaces to nurture communities of creative entrepreneurs.

Lastly, make better use of software for capacity management, financial modelling and forecasting.

How do you think we can get more people interested and engaged in Council?

It is little surprise that there are high levels of disengagement in the community. Less than 30% of Hamiltonians surveyed have confidence in Council decision making (myhcc.nz/qualityoflife2018). This is aggravated by the number of submissions that are seemingly ignored by elected members.

Being presented with a project that only has one solution is not good enough. Having to vote on projects after Council has spent money on the proposal doesn’t work. Communities must be part of their growth plans. This together with project teams consisting of Council staff and community groups, and using technology to inform the wider community, will improve the decision making of elected members.

Team Integrity say “Your views matter. Engage with us. Grow this Great City!”

Where can voters go to learn more about you?

Personal Website: www.davidmcnab.nz *

Email: info@davidmcnab.nz

Facebook: www.facebook.com/DavidMcNabForHamiltonCityCouncil

Phone: 0800-TRON-4-U (0800-876648) *


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