We are a group of citizens representing business and community interests who share the view that Hamilton City Council must do better.

We came together this year to investigate council affairs in response to significant issues impacting on the well-being of the Hamilton community.

As a result, we are now calling on candidates in the 12 October council elections to commit to a comprehensive review of council operations by an Independent Commission, immediately they are elected. 


Our request to the incoming council for this public review arises from our investigations following widespread public concerns about council governance and management on significant issues including housing affordability and climate change, along with continuing misgivings on financial affairs. 


23 October 2019

Reply from Minister of Local Government

17 September 2019

Letter to Prime Minister informing of the public request for an Independent Review Commission into Hamilton City Council.


December 1994

Key Vision Statements from a series of workshops jointly contributed by HCC staff and the shareholder community.



Standing Orders & Governance

Public disgruntlement with local government, democratic disengagement, and the extensive view that councils ‘don’t listen’ requires evaluation. Many lessons have been gathered and applied over many centuries in the challenge to apply and improve democratic governance. 


Housing Affordability

An independent housing affordability report presented to HCC by Urban Economics (27 August 2018) indicates that the current HCC forecasting methodology is fundamentally flawed and its use may result in house prices in Hamilton rising above extremely unaffordable Auckland prices.


Finances & Community Well-being

The HCC 2018 10-year plan forecasts ratepayer growth of 19% over the 10 years, an average rate increases of 60% and a net debt increase of 114%. 


Climate Change & Future Generation Infrastructure

Public concern over climate change is now up at 79%, and there’s a continuing call for new public thinking about human settlements and the urban environment, rather than the current ‘business as usual’ model.

After Peacockes was brought into the city in 1989, local developers pointed to huge savings from ‘stand-alone’ infrastructure systems backed up by best practice experience.


Property Transactions & Questionable Deals

There’s a range of public concerns at Hamilton City Council property transactions, and what have been described in social media and conversation as ‘questionable deals’. 



Following on from issues relating to climate change and infrastructure provision, there is concern at the time-frame and quality of transport planning and costs. 



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