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Keep Hamilton as an affordable high quality place to live. Help us do this. The Hamilton Residents and Ratepayers Association is a not-for-profit organisation, run entirely by volunteers. Our accounts are fully TRANSPARENT and available upon request to all members.

To raise awareness and provide information to Hamiltonians we need your support. While donations are welcome we really want your time, expertise, and advocacy. 

Please contact us to discuss ways you can help us keep Hamilton the Great City it is to live and work. 

Campaign Presentation

Designed to Promote a Greater Awareness of your City's Affairs

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Campaign Against Profligacy

Victoria Street "River Dream" Plan

Evolution of Hamilton City Council's progress towards the eventual $6.49m purchase of properties:

The sequential publication of newspaper articles trace a critical timeline that reveals an elaborate strategic process to achieve certain pre-determined outcomes; with their reactive consequences! 

We Need Your Help | Committee Assistance

If you are interested in assisting on any of the following HRRA committees please contact us to discuss ways you can help us keep Hamilton the Great City it is to live and work.


Membership Team  Mischele Rhodes
Fundraising TeamGeoff Purkis
Research TeamJudith Bragger
Communication TeamMark Kilgour

Cards Against Complacency

Support HRRA activities by purchasing these beautiful New Zealand Bird Cards. Every purchase you make helps us to ensure all Hamiltonians are aware of our Council’s activities and consequences of their decisions, by contributing towards costs, such as delivery and media costs. 

100% of proceeds go to the HRRA and we thank the Artist Heather Kilgour for fully donating her artist commission to the HRRA. 

These beautiful cards come in sets of 7, with three size options, to visit our store, please click here
Free Delivery within Hamilton

Can you help us?

Rates Rise Awareness Campaign


Volunteers are needed for a campaign developed by the research and communications committee to assist in a variety of ways. Please become involved in any way you can by clicking the appropriate buttons below.

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