Peacockes Subdivision

It is one of the most significant rate and debt drivers in the current 2018 10 year plan. Your Rates are planned to increase from an average of $2,700 to $5,000 (including Waikato Region rates) andRead more

The BIG Question?

If someone puts their hand in your pocket, or asks for money and you say NO, but they take it anyhow - WHAT DO YOU CALL THIS? Some Hamilton Council Elected Members have ignored multiple submissionsRead more

Directors on Council Controlled Organisations get a 14.1% pay rise.

No wonder they increased our rates by 9.7% last year. That median fee for CCO directors was 37,000 for an average of 140 hours work for non executive directors, Read more


The strength of Democracy lies in the ability of the democratically elected decision makers to understand and reflect the heart- beat of the community. In our great city, Democracy does not seem toRead more


The Hamilton Residents and Ratepayers Association INC observe a serious decline in the delivery of democracy between Hamilton Citizens, Elected Members and Staff. We appoint individuals to representRead more

Can we AFFORD Hamilton City Council

One of the challenges noted in the HCC pre-election report booklet is that of Growth. The Hamilton City Council 2018 10 Year Plan details the infrastructure and services forecast by council staff andRead more

DEBT:The Case of the Green Dash

In May this year the Local Government Funding Authority (as advised by Fitch Credit Agency) placed the Hamilton City Council on a CREDIT WATCH The Hamilton City Council Chief Executive in the 2019Read more

Hamilton City Council Spending Problem

It was reported in STUFF on the 25th May 2018 that an elected member informed the Council that “We don’t have a revenue problem, we have a spending problem.” 12 months later the LocalRead more

Hamilton City Council Governance

When the Government Minister responsible for Health has Governance issues with the Waikato DHB they call for the resignation of all Elected Members and appoint a Commissioner. If Ratepayers have issRead more

Hamilton City Council Credit Watch

The Local Government Funding Authority, the organisation who provides loans to HCC have expressed their concern for the Debt level of HCC by placing the Council on a Credit Watch. This is a concernRead more

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