Does HCC Consultation Process happen?

Is the Community consulted using the following HCC methods?

Written and oral submissions to proposed plans, policies and bylawsWe do not think that a 2 minute presentation on complex projects is consultation, especially when Elected Members totally ignore the opinion of the majority and instead approve their pet projects when the community says NO.
Written SurveysNO. have not seen one in 20 years
Telephone SurveysNO. have not received a phone call in 20 years
Face to face interviewsNO. no invitation to participate in a dialogue of this sort.
Public MeetingsNo. Any public meeting turns out to be a presentation on a HCC solution that is already decided.
Focus Groups, working panels or task forcesNo. We observe a select few being invited to closed door meetings, but not available to the general public.
Multi-stakeholder processes such as participatory appraisalStakeholders appear to be those with a financial vested interest in the outcome. Where are the real stakeholders (those that pay the rates) in these discussions?
Interactive WebsitesWhere are these?

Mayor Paula Southgate Provides Loose Promises

"Southgate re-iterated the commitments she made during the election campaign around stronger community engagement and more meaningful public participation."

After EIGHT MONTHS in office, there is no evidence that this promise is a priority.

We have observed many closed door meetings, lots of spending that has not been approved through the 10 year plan and it appears that debt levels are out-of-control.

All we asked for was the whole of the community engaged in the decision making - Is this too much to ask?


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