We are only weeks away from deciding the city leaders for the next 3 years. One of the key deciding factors for all candidates is ‘Can I Trust Them?’


Trust must be earnt and is done so in a number of ways:

Do they have intentions of furthering their personal prosperity through misuse of power?

Can they sit around the table and listen?

Do they actively communicate with the community, but more importantly respond?

Early in the process, do they openly declare any conflict of interest, and step back from decision making?

Do they actively consider the social impact when spending ratepayer money?

Do they ensure cost benefit analysis are independent, comprehensive and take responsibility when they are wrong?

Have they set up transparent processes for providing accountability in the use of your money?

In assessing each candidate for these very important city leadership roles, please consider:

Are they Leaders that have the skills to lead one of the largest Organisations in Hamilton?

Has insider trading happened where individuals financially benefit from knowledge gained through Council activities?

Is there evidence of the individual advocating the spending of ratepayers money to encourage voters to vote for them?

Do they vote to change contract conditions in the final stages?

Do they actively advocate for accountability between Elected Members and the Chief Executive?

Do they make decisions behind closed doors?

Create YOUR checklist for each candidate to determine what degree of INTEGRITY EXISTS?

WE need High INTEGRITY from both Elected Members and Staff.


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