Are We Election Ready?

The election of candidates on the 12 October 2019 for the Hamilton City Council is one of the most important decision we make every 3 years.

This decision determines the moral principals  and direction by which this great city is governed.

The Hamilton Residents and Ratepayers Association INC has prepared a manifesto to assist the selection of candidates who represent and are willing to demonstrate the core values of Democracy, Transparency, Accountability and Integrity.

As it is very easy to be persuaded by candidates who promise for short term benefits but where long term costs are paid for by the entire community (often with no direct benefit), While the Association supports projects that improve the quality of life of all people living in this great city, we expect to see a transparent and well developed cost/benefit analysis well before the project begins, and in conjunction with open and transparent community consultation.

The Association has prepared a questionnaire for the purpose of interviewing candidates which the Association may then decide to endorse and support.

The Residents and Ratepayers Associated will endorse up to 12 candidates.

The Association is focussed on city development that benefits all ratepayers and does not support any political persuasion, or pressure group. We support open dialogue with the community where discussions allow the various points of view to be respected and debated using quality balanced research.

We are concerned that Council has a SPENDING PROBLEM and are fearful that in a very short time we will be discussing another rate increase beyond the already crippling 3.8%  compounding ongoing yearly increase and the massive increases in city debt.

All those interested in becoming an Elected Member of the Hamilton City Council we would invited you to contact the President (Raymond Mudford) by email hamiltonratepayers@gmail.com or phone 027 262 3402 to arrange an interview appointment.

We strongly encourage you to both JOIN the Hamilton Residents and Ratepayers Association INC, and get involved in the electoral process that determines the direction of our great city.

By joining you will receive information about:

Each Elected Member endorsed by the Association

Hamilton City Council governance

Opportunities to use your expertise to assist the Association to reach our goals

Opportunities to share your concerns and discuss important matters with election nominees

VOTE for Candidates with integrity either through postal voting or on the day (12 OCTOBER 2019), Candidates who will share information and  communicate with the Community prior to projects being approved


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